Thursday, August 12, 2010

Romeo's On The Hunt

'Romeo's On The Hunt', that's the titled for the first ever Alfa Romeo Treasure Hunt that was organized by us in Malaysia way back 18 years ago.

Initially, I was a bit sceptical about the respond from the Alfa's owners. But knowing the die-hard Alfa's owners would like to have a hunt of their own make, I proceed with the event.

To our surprised we managed to get 58 units Alfa Romeo car owners from Malaysia and Singapore registered for the event. All the participants are quite excited for this first ever Alfa Romeo cars Treasure Hunt, even though not many sponsors came to support us.

Nevertheless, we appreciated Milan Auto, an Alfa Romeo franchise in Malaysia and Singapore that gave us the full support and quite a healthy sponsorship. With Mobil Malaysia supported the petrol to and fro, t-shirts and prizes for the winning participants. Auto Glym, a subsidiary company of Castrol Malaysia also donated the prizes.

The total distance of 350km route from Kuala Lumpur to the beautiful beach resort at Kuantan, Pahang are combined of winding and straight road. This is awesome to the Alfa's owners to test their driving skill and enjoy the scenery of village outback.


  1. The first ever Romeo do, 1993!

  2. Ya la my birthday gift of my was memorable after so long.

  3. It's still fresh in memory....especially during route recce and preparation of the tulip.