Thursday, August 12, 2010

Romeo's On The Hunt

'Romeo's On The Hunt', that's the titled for the first ever Alfa Romeo Treasure Hunt that was organized by us in Malaysia way back 18 years ago.

Initially, I was a bit sceptical about the respond from the Alfa's owners. But knowing the die-hard Alfa's owners would like to have a hunt of their own make, I proceed with the event.

To our surprised we managed to get 58 units Alfa Romeo car owners from Malaysia and Singapore registered for the event. All the participants are quite excited for this first ever Alfa Romeo cars Treasure Hunt, even though not many sponsors came to support us.

Nevertheless, we appreciated Milan Auto, an Alfa Romeo franchise in Malaysia and Singapore that gave us the full support and quite a healthy sponsorship. With Mobil Malaysia supported the petrol to and fro, t-shirts and prizes for the winning participants. Auto Glym, a subsidiary company of Castrol Malaysia also donated the prizes.

The total distance of 350km route from Kuala Lumpur to the beautiful beach resort at Kuantan, Pahang are combined of winding and straight road. This is awesome to the Alfa's owners to test their driving skill and enjoy the scenery of village outback.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Safety Driving


Once the desired position is obtained, the rear view mirror must be adjusted to enable vision of all and / or most part of the windscreen. If a door mirror is fitted, it should be also adjusted as to ensure that a part of the side of the car can be seen. This would eliminate the 'blind spot'.

Ideally, left and right hand door mirrors should be fitted as it then eliminate both 'blind spot'.

Remember: Correctly adjusted mirrors are your 'rear view eyes' and enables you to observe what situation is developing behind you. As a rule you should make it a point to look into your rear view mirrors 8 to 10 seconds.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

World on Wheels

World on wheels is a matter of life and and sorrow. It's all depend on how one handle their motor vehicles. As the storyboard below, we will reveal anything that regards to world on wheels.

As we all knows, motor vehicles is a necessity in our daily life. From a motorcycle right up to cars, vans, lorries, buses and etc; is a compulsory in our present life to move around, either for business or for leisure.

Beside the usage of the motor vehicles, most of us are still blunt and knows nothing about the maintenance of the vehicles. For what we know, fill-up the gas, start the engine and just drive.

So before involve in a break-down, at least is good for us to know little bit on how to overcome it. Or even when it's breakdown, at least we know something to remedy before be con by the tow-trucks operators.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Advance Driving


The leg should not be too bent (splayed) nor should it be too stretch. It should be a midway compromised. (Adjust fore and aft movement of the seat to obtain desired position.)

Arms should be stretched (straight armed) when holding the steering wheel at 12 o' clock position but shoulders firmly against the back seat. (Adjust rear seat squab to obtain this position.)

Any other position will not enable the seat to hold you properly and will cause you to hang on to the steering wheel thus contributing to fatigue as well as reduction in the ability to control the car.

Remember: Correct seating position is vitally important.

Birth of Autoroda

We aimed at a specific target that has a passion for the exciting and fascinating world of burnt rubber, accelerated blood pressure, increased flow of adrenalin, powerful G-force and the draw of "brake horses". It depicts a high image, high technology fast pace and sophisticated world of motoring and biking virtually "World on Wheels". It will capture vividly the world that is full of excitement, suspense and memorable moments.

It will relay the pleasure of acquiring a "dream machine" and the ecstasy of achieving dreams. It will capture the immense concentration of drivers chasing the elusive seconds in motorsports and also the stark truth of pain and disappointment when losing it.

We aimed to be informative, interesting and entertaining. It will cover diverse, stimulating car and bike reviews and previews; indepth reviews on motorsports and men behind their sports and machines.