Monday, August 9, 2010

Advance Driving


The leg should not be too bent (splayed) nor should it be too stretch. It should be a midway compromised. (Adjust fore and aft movement of the seat to obtain desired position.)

Arms should be stretched (straight armed) when holding the steering wheel at 12 o' clock position but shoulders firmly against the back seat. (Adjust rear seat squab to obtain this position.)

Any other position will not enable the seat to hold you properly and will cause you to hang on to the steering wheel thus contributing to fatigue as well as reduction in the ability to control the car.

Remember: Correct seating position is vitally important.

Birth of Autoroda

We aimed at a specific target that has a passion for the exciting and fascinating world of burnt rubber, accelerated blood pressure, increased flow of adrenalin, powerful G-force and the draw of "brake horses". It depicts a high image, high technology fast pace and sophisticated world of motoring and biking virtually "World on Wheels". It will capture vividly the world that is full of excitement, suspense and memorable moments.

It will relay the pleasure of acquiring a "dream machine" and the ecstasy of achieving dreams. It will capture the immense concentration of drivers chasing the elusive seconds in motorsports and also the stark truth of pain and disappointment when losing it.

We aimed to be informative, interesting and entertaining. It will cover diverse, stimulating car and bike reviews and previews; indepth reviews on motorsports and men behind their sports and machines.